March 20, 2014

FSC CoC Certificate

We are pleased to announce that Deftrans Sp. z o.o., the manufacturer of the Defra brand, in cooperation with the NEPCon Sp. z o.o. certification body, has received the FSC® CoC certificate with the number NC-COC-013596.

A system created by members of an international organisation called Forest Stewardship Council A.C. ® (FSC) is a series of standards describing the principles of sound management of forests and methods of their verification in the field. It is also a process of controlling the flow of raw materials from the forest to the final consumer in a way that ensures that the products labelled with the FSC logo actually come from properly managed forests and other controlled sources.

Furniture manufactured in our factory in Odolanów, meeting the requirements of FSC is labelled with the FSC trademark, and the certification body regularly monitors compliance of dealing with the certified material with the FSC system standard. This will ensure that the material, from which the DEFRA brand furniture is made, comes from legal sources, and the production processes used to convert the finished product have been performed with respect to the environment as well as economic and social standards. Preparation for implementation of the FSC certificate in the production process has been another step of the company towards providing sustainable solutions in creating and introducing environmentally friendly products to the market. At the same time, we would like to popularise the idea of responsible forest management and the natural environment in the production of bathroom furniture.


FSC Certificate


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